Debut novella A Distant Sun published!

A Distant Sun, a 13,000 word novella (or novelette to be precise), was published on March 31st on the Amazon Kindle store.

A Distant Sun is a character-driven space opera thriller with just the right amount of romance to appeal to fiction lovers of all persuasions.

A Distant Sun Book-CoverAs their sun slowly dies the future of the Emarian race hangs in the balance. Alynna, the last princess to a doomed people, crosses the galaxy in pursuit of their one remaining hope: the fabled dark matter from their star’s twin. It’s a mission of low odds and high risk.

Making the long journey home hidden aboard the intra-galactic luxury liner Hyperion she must steel herself against unseen forces rallying against her. As a deadly assassin closes in she finds solace in an unexpected place – a love that just might bolster her for the task ahead. But things on the Hyperion are not always as they seem.

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