THE COPY is on the launchpad!

The Copy - 3D Book CoverI have just completed the final edits for my latest novella as well as final revisions on the cover design (which I am rather stoked about).

I also revised the title from Copy to The Copy. I know, seems simple enough, but my wife insisted 🙂

The book will be published initially on the Amazon Kindle Store as a pre-launch, and special invites will be going out to all test readers so they may claim their copies.

The official launch will be just a few days behind that. There will be an initial 48 hour period for my current readers to get a free promotional copy, so please make sure to pop your email address into the subscribe box in the right-hand margin (yep, right over there on the edge of your screen) and I’ll shoot you an alert email the moment the 48-hour period begins.


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